The history of JIT-SOLAIRE began in 2007.

December 6th 2007 JIT SOLAIRE was created in Poitiers (France)
March 2008 First Contracts on houses in Poitiers aera
September 2008 First Contract with SERGIES (the main electrical distributor in Poitiers aera) 5 000 m2, i.e. 660 kWp
December 2008 First installation above 100 kWp in Poitiers aera (France)
End of 2008 JIT SOLAIRE Rhone-Alpes (France) was created
February 2009 First contracts on houses in Rhone Alpes
March 2009 Second frame agreement with SERGIES 20 000 m2 i.e. 2,7 MWp per year over three years
November 2009 Frame agreement with
SAS AGRISOLEIL 86 in Poitiers aera
54 000 m2 i.e. 7,2 MWp
November 2009 Frame agreement with
SAS AGRISOLAIRE 21 in Dijon area (France)
17 000 m2, i.e. 2,3 MWp